"My first year of MATHCOUNTS, I did not make it to states. After a year with FrostMath and Mr. Frost, I qualified for states. Then taking a second year of FrostMath, I made it to Nationals.
FrostMath has helped me immensely in MATHCOUNTS preparation, and also taught me many concepts and methods that are useful in other math competitions as well. Not only are the questions written exceptionally with fitting difficulty, but each one also encompasses a different topic commonly covered in MATHCOUNTS. Learning to master these questions helped me out greatly in speed and accuracy.
The atmosphere in the room is never stressful but still provides the intensity of an official test. The simulation of the real test, including the formatting of the test and timing, allowed me to feel more comfortable taking the actual competition, after having worked with it so many times.
Mr. Frost himself is both encouraging and kind, always willing to help me and everyone else whenever we have questions about a problem.
Overall, FrostMath has provided a great mathematical environment and abundance of materials for me to improve in MATHCOUNTS and math in general."
Angelina Z. 2nd place at MA State


Preparing students for the MATHCOUNTS competition series and problem solving in general.                                         

"I began MATHCOUNTS in sixth grade, scoring only a 32/46 on the Chapter level. The following week, I attended my first FrostMath class, and immediately found myself challenged. Over the year and a half of classes I attended, I was exposed to many different types of MATHCOUNTS problems, written by Mr. Frost himself, and my scores improved dramatically. This year, after doing FrostMath for a year, I aced Chapter MATHCOUNTS and placed 8th in the state. I certainly owe a lot to Mr. Frost for my improvement.
When I had an extremely unfortunate incident with MATHCOUNTS, originally being incorrectly told that I was going to Nationals when I actually wasn't, Mr. Frost made it up to me by inviting me to two training lessons with the real Massachusetts National MATHCOUNTS state team. It was a very kind gesture on his part, and I learned a lot from the lessons.
I would highly recommend FrostMath for anyone with a basic pre-algebra math background who just wants to learn more math. It is a rewarding experience and has been a major reason why my math has improved in the last year and a half. Thanks Mr. Frost!"

Nithin K. 8th place at MA State MATHCOUNTS 2015 

“Everything, from the environment to the teacher, was amazing in my opinion. The practice tests made by Mr. Frost were awesome. Every aspect of it such as the time allotted or the seriousness would be like the real competition. They were harder than the real MathCounts tests, but I learned so many new tips and tricks from them.  Mr. Frost was, of course, an amazing teacher, and he would walk around answering questions. He wouldn’t just give you the solution. He would guide you through it in a motivational way. These classes bridged the gap between Middle School math and MathCounts math for me. Altogether, winning top female in MA two years in a row and getting 5th place at state in my last year did not happen magically. FrostMath provided a wonderful environment to improve my math skills, and of course, a source of extra practice. I only wish I had heard about FrostMath earlier, as I’m confident I would have done better with an extra year of preparation.” - Shreeya R. 5th place at MA State MATHCOUNTS 2015