There are going to be 2 distinct FrostMath classes offered this school year due to the need to move the class online due to COVID-19.

Option 1 : Each class will consist of students taking a timed "mock" MATHCOUNTS competition.  That's a test that I have written and used (or will be about to use) with my own students.  These tests are very challenging and are at the State/National MATHCOUNTS level.  After the tests are scored and returned, students will work on fixing mistakes and learning how to do problems they hadn't seen before.  Since the class will be held online the use of breakout rooms and chat features will be used to help individuals.  Students can also be put into "breakout" video rooms to work together if they want to work with a friend on fixing problems.  The online format will probably necessitate the use of 1 or more teaching assistants, likely former students of mine who have been through my program.

Option 2 :  This option is for the students who may have taken the chapter level tests in a previous year.  I will not be making 2 tests each week though this year.  Students in option 2 would have more direct instruction on how to do the types of problems in math competitions.  The schedule will be for there to be 4 weeks of learning how to do various combinatorics problems (each week would have a different focus and get harder each week) and then on the 5th week there would be a Chapter level test (made by me) for them to do (how my class has always run in the past).  Then weeks 6-9 would be 4 weeks of Number Theory lessons and then a test week 10. Weeks 11-14 will be Algebra, week 15 test, weeks 16-19 Geometry with a final mock test week 20.