Each class will consist of students taking a timed "mock" MATHCOUNTS competition.  That's a test that I have written and used (or will be about to use) with my own students.  After the tests are graded and returned, students will work independently, together, and with me to solve the harder problems they didn't get on their own in the given time.  

There are 2 levels of tests offered at each class which students and/or parents can choose.  One is a "Chapter" level test and the other is the "State" level test to match the 2 levels of contests kids might encounter while competing in MATHCOUNTS.  The "state level" tests that I use have always challenged the students on my team.  Students who have placed in the top 10 at Massachusetts State competitions still find they have a lot to work on after one of my tests.  Students that have not really started competing or are in the beginning stages of problem solving will benefit from the problems of the "chapter level" tests as well as the confidence of being successful.

Each test (regardless of level) consists of a 30 question Sprint and 8 question Target round.  I started offering the Chapter levels tests as bright kids who enjoyed math were coming to my class and only able to score 5-8 points on challenging tests.  The Chapter level tests help not only build confidence, but a foundation for problem solving.  I always have enough State level tests available so a student could do the Chapter test under timed conditions with the class, but if they get them all right, or fix mistakes quickly, they can then try the harder problems during the remainder of the class.

All these tests will remain my property and will not leave class, however, upon request I will cut and paste a few problems (up to 4) which a student wants more time to work on into a document that you can have.  Requests must be received before the next class I teach (so Wednesday students request before Saturday morning, Saturday students request before Wednesday night).  I just can't have anyone taking a full test home to share with all their friends or online.