FrostMath in Chelmsford class

Classes will be held on Wednesday nights at Chelmsford High School from 6pm - 8:30pm.  Class will be held in room 232 at Chelmsford High School.  This is the English wing in Hawthorne House and is ground level.

The address of the high school is 200 Richardson Rd, Chelmsford, MA 01863.  Exact dates are on the "Schedule" page.

The cost for classes will be as follows :

For 1 - 4 classes the cost is $80 per class

For 5 - 9 classes the cost is $75 per class

For 10 - 14 classes the cost is $70 per class

For 15 - 19 classes the cost is $65 per class

For all 20 classes the cost is $60 per class

The discounts for multiple classes are because it means less administrative work for me!

(If you want to try taking one class at $80 and then later decide to sign up more you will be given credit for that class to get the discounted rate(ex. if you sign up for 9 more you will get the $70 rate for the remaining 9 classes).  If you sign up for 10 and later decide to sign up for 3 more, the additional 3 will be at the $80 rate.  

The discounts are for signing up for multiple classes at once, not the total number you sign up for in multiple registrations.  

Also, note that if you register for all 20 and miss one you are still paying for less than if you signed up for 19 classes because you think you'll have to miss one.

Cancellation Policy

If a class is cancelled due to snow or other unforeseeable issue, every effort will be made to reschedule the class.  Students who cannot attend the make up class will get a refund based on the number of classes they signed up for.  

No Refunds for missed classes:

In many classes of this nature you would sign up for a session and pay for that session of 7 - 10 classes.  If you missed a class due to illness or another commitment you would not get a refund as you are not paying per class but for the session.  I would prefer to run "sessions" to make my life easier, but also I want to give my students the freedom to sign up for the classes they want to attend, so there are no set sessions. You get to make your own "session" and once you do it is set.  You can sign up for any 1, 5, 10, 15 or any number of classes you want as to avoid conflicts the best you can.  

If you have to cancel less than 24 hours in advance there will be no refunds at all.  Often a cancellation means someone else didn't get to take the class.  If you give me a full week's notice that your child cannot make it to a particular class than I will give allow you to reschedule to a new date for a $20 fee if there are at least 5 spots left in the class you want.  If there are less spots availability and you really want a specific date, you can wait until the day before the class and check back in to see if there is still room.

There will be no exceptions to these policies.  They are a result of 5 years of trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.  If your child has a very unpredictable schedule you can sign up for 1 class at a time(if there is space) to avoid the conflicts, but after 7 classes you'll have paid the equivalent of 8 classes anyway and no better off.  Hopefully you can figure out what works best for your child's and family's schedule.  Feel free to email me with questions on this policy.